Sattur Kara Sevu – 200g


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(Specialty of Sattur, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu) Just as Halwa is synonymous with Tirunelevi, so is Kara Sevu become synonymous with Sattur. This spicy savory is indigenous to Sattur area, where a century ago, Shanmuga Nadar started by selling a variety of snack items but found people returning for the sevu. In no time, Kara Sevu became extremely popular and the shop Shanmuga Nadar shop has become popular for this savory. The specialty of the Kara Sevu is the usage of authentic ingredients sourced right from the varied towns of production (Garlic from Periyakulam and Kadalai Paruppu from Madurai) and made with traditional home ground spices. This savory can be enjoyed during tea time or as a side dish during main course meals. Ingredients: Besan Flour, Rice Flour, Asafotida, Pepper, Melted Cow Ghee ShelfLife: 90 days


200 gm

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