Nellai Karuppatti Mysore Pak



(Specialty of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu) A much loved sweet, Mysore Pak is a commonly loved sweet in South India. Few places prepare it with pure ingredients, we bring to you the finest Nellai Karuppatti Mysore Pak, sourced from the Tirunelveli. Delivered from the traditional kitchens, where the sweet is made from pure ghee and karuppatti (jaggery). The rich taste of karuppati and pure ghee brings a splendid aroma and taste to Nellai Karuppatti Nei Mysorepak, sweetly melting in the mouth. It is highly recommended for children as karuppatti is very good for strengthening of the bones. Ingredients: Cow Ghee, Palm Jaggery, Gram Flour ShelfLife: 60 days


250 gm, 80gm

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