Kurinji Flower Honey – 350g


Neela Kurinji is a shrub variety of plant that originates and found in abundance over the southern parts of Western Ghats especially in Kodaikanal and Munnar. Neela Kurinji has a unique character among the plants and it blossoms once in twelve years and that particular season it is celebrated as a festival in southern parts of Western Ghats. Botanists and nature lovers from all over the world club together in Kodaikanal and Munnar to witness this mesmerizing event.

The chance to collect Neela kurinji honey comes once in 12 years, making it the rarest honey on the planet. With its transparent greenish yellow texture and unique taste, it is considered as LIQUID GOLD. Wild Honey Hunters feel privileged to own the Neela Kurinji Honey collected in 2018 and the next season is in 2030.



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