Kovilpatti Koko mittai (Crushed Peanut Candy)


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The one of famous and healthy snacks in Tamilnadu, India. Koko Mittai is also known as Manila Burfi. Though Koko mittai is generally available all over the place, only with Kovilpatti Koko mittai you can feel the real quality and taste. Groundnut along with Jaggery is the healthiest combination for the kids. The old time candy is still a treat for both kids and adults Only the finest ingredients which are locally available ? groundnuts, go into the making of this anytime snack. Like the kadalai mittai, the koko mittai is a concoction of groundnuts and jaggery. But the nuts are crushed, finely ground and shaped into slabs. The rich cocoa-brown shade is achieved naturally without any added colouring agents.Ingredients : Groundnut, Jaggery ShelfLife: 90 days


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