KILLI Kabasura Kudineer Powder


INGREDIENTS: Dry Ginger, Nilavembu, Long Pepper, Myrobalan, Bharangi, Clove, Costus, Patha, Guduchi, Akarkara, Neermulli, Adhatoda, Karpuravalli, Nut grass, Cirukancori

DESCRIPTION: Kabasura kudineer has long been used in Siddha for respiratory infections and to develop immunity. Its anti-bacterial effect helps to combat cold & cough, and sneezing. It helps to overcome watering in the eyes, dry cough and also helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

HOW TO MAKE: Boil 5g of KILLI Kabasura kudineer powder with 200ml of water till the decoction reduces to 100ml, filter and drink hot. Take twice daily.


100 gm

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